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There is a myriad of amazing and different kinds of art, however, they can be classified into seven categories. Understanding the different categories of art is crucial in understanding the significance of each category in our lives as well as our history. The seven art categories include:

  • Painting
  • The sculptural
  • Literature
  • Architecture
  • Cinema
  • Theater
  • Music

From cave paintings to today's tech-inspired artwork, our past as artists and creatives has changed over time. But the terms themselves remain the same. It's quite amazing when you consider it. Let's take a look at each of these art forms and find out what they are and where they came from.


Researchers have discovered cave paintings dating to more than 40 000 years ago (source). At the time there were no art shops to purchase equipment. These artists relied on what they could get. If you want to make your house beautiful with beautiful paint, contact House Painting Aberdeen.
Dirt and charcoal, ochre, animal fats, and other kinds of natural materials were brought together to form pigments. Water was utilized to transform these colors into pastes within a similar consistency to paint (source). This made it much easier to spread over cave walls and produce the masterpieces we admire now.
Through time painting has continued to be an integral part of the artistic world. Starting from the Mona Lisa to the Sistine Chapel and Andy Warhol's Campbell soup cans, it's difficult to contemplate the history of our art world without contemplating a painting. If you are searching expert dental doctor and you are so worried about your teeth so contact Dental Treatment Athens. They are serving 15 years.


The art of sculpture is capable of piggybacking on painting as well as the subject matter and the history of humanity (source). One of the oldest sculptures known was discovered in Germany and was found to be over 35,000 years ago (source). In the early day sculpture was not only an art form but also an instrument of value.
When the fire was discovered It became much more simple to use clay for pottery, utensils as well as other equipment. However, the art didn't stop there.
In the course of time, as tools and materials improved, so evolved the craft of sculpture. Artists were able to work with stone and marble, wood as well as bronze. The art of sculpture is still an integral aspect of our culture and is a wonderful art form to explore in the present.


The first person to be identified as a writer of literature was in the year 2285 BCE (source). As influential as painting has been throughout the history of mankind it is possible that literature has the same impact if not even surpasses it. Words are powerful and people have used the power of words for hundreds of years.
The term "literature" includes a wide selection of written works such as poetry as well as biographies, dramas fiction, non-fiction essays, satires, and much more. With technological advancements as well as the advancement of printing technology and a wide range of publications and literature, it is only going to expand as a method to share our opinions, ideas and experiences.
If you're a fervent Harry Potter fan or a committed Shakespeare researcher, literature has a place as a significant part of our lives as artists and has an important place in the seven types of art. A team of garage door experts is available in Yorkdale to offer quick, cost-effective garage door servicing in Yorkdale. So, If you want to get the service. So, contact  Garage Door Repair Yorkdale to save your things.


If you've ever been awestruck by the magnificent Roman cathedrals or gazed at the dramatic curves of Sydney Opera House, you are aware it's an art. If you're skeptical about architecture after living in plain suburban areas, turn onto the Travel Channel and soak up some of the most famous architecture.
Architecture's origins are contingent on the definition of the term "building." In theory, it is possible to trace the history of architecture to the time when humans first built shelters even if the shelter consisted of a handful of palm fronds and sticks.
If we're thinking of structures that are still enjoyed today, we could look back as far as Stonehenge which was built around the year 3000 BCE (source). Although we might not consider Stonehenge as a typical structure It's a prime example of man's desire to construct important structures.
As sculpture, architecture is both a utilitarian and art design. Buildings and structures are necessary to be able to live in, so why not be wise to make them attractive, wouldn't you? Of sure, not all structures are stunning however, it's not difficult to say that the most well-known buildings are artwork.


Due to its dependence on technology, the cinema genre has the most recent genesis of all seven forms of art. In 1891 cinema first came to the world in the Kinetoscope. It was a device that could allow people to watch films in a single sitting. In 1895 The Lumiere Brothers introduced the first ever film to be shown to a large crowd. Since that pivotal event in 1895, cinema has grown into the massive industry we have today. it as today. Animation, special effects makeup, costumes,
screenwriting writing, directing, and much more. The quantity of artistic vision and talent that must be put into a cinematic production is staggering.
If you're going to the cinema take a moment to think about how this art form has progressed in the space of 100 years. If a locksmith is needed, call locksmith Services Armadale. Their devoted staff is available to help.


The story of the theater goes back to Ancient Greeks in the 6th century BC (source). The amphitheaters that we see so well preserved were the stages used for the first shows.
From its very beginnings in Greece Theater only got more well-known. Consider Shakespeare or, more recently, the present day, the well-known Broadway and Broadway in NYC. Similar to the cinema, theater and the performing arts depend on a variety of art forms that work together to create a winning production. Playwrights are set designers as well as costume designers and many more.
It's not just about performing. Particularly with the advent of musical theater, we witnessed this form of art including dancing and music too.
As opposed to cinema, human beings have used theaters and performing arts to provide entertainment for a long time. In fact, it may go earlier, but we don't have any fossil evidence to support that. We don't know what our first ancestral ancestors were up to do for entertainment.
In addition to being one of seven kinds of art, theater demonstrates the extensive and significant time of social gatherings and entertainment.


It's probable that music was an integral element of the lives of our ancestors from the very beginning of the history of mankind. It's possible that the sounds of vocals played a crucial part in our communication as well as survival before the advent of speech. It's also been discovered that our ancestors made instruments using bones or stones and other natural substances (source).
As societies progressed, music was an integral part of religious rituals. Through the Middle Ages, for example, Gregorian chanting became a regular religion. As we move through the Renaissance and through the Baroque phase, the Classical Period, the Romantic period, and the period we know today in the early 20th century. The music of the past has developed and increased in both secular and religious settings (source).
Whatever you think of pop music, it can be a fascinating window into the world of culture. In the end, it will be a window into the world we live in, much like the music from the past has for us today. Sometimes, you face High accidents like house fires, car accidents and some others and if you face a house fire and then you want to clean so contact Fire Damage Cleanup Aberdeen. Their team will reach you asap.