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Let's begin by examining the most famous types of door locks and names that are at  Door Frame Repair in Applewood. They are used for a variety of locations, including houses, offices, and private chambers and cabinets, depending on the demands.

1. Padlocks

Padlocks are widely used and popular for door locks. They're not locks that have a fixed lock. Instead, they're mobile. They're available in a range of sizes. The two primary types of padlocks are keyed locks and combination locks. Combining them, you can use number dials to unlock the lock when one has entered the correct combination. For locks operated by keys, there is one key used to open the lock. They're among the easiest and fastest types of locks that can be used for doors used for everyday use, cabinet doors, or chambers. In addition, you do not need to carry keys in these locks when utilized.

2. Knob Locks

Knob locks are popular as well. They are available everywhere in residence and apartment construction nowadays. They are fixed to the outside of doors. They can also be attached to deadbolts for safety and security. Door knobs of these kinds of locks have the capability to secure doors with the use of single or double cylinders. They're not the safest since you could cut knots off using hammers, or other materials. It's, therefore, safer to install deadbolts as well as doorknobs to identical exteriors. However, locking mechanisms for doors on the front are simple to operate and also useful.


3. Lever Handle

Lever handles are an option for doors inside office buildings and homes. They are most well-liked in commercial and retail spaces or offices. A large lever handle that has the pushdown design of this type of lock that allows the lock to be opened. Lever handles can be pulled, instead of having an unbending twist like the knob doors. It is crucial to understand that these handles do not offer the greatest security and aren't the ideal choice for doors on the exterior that are the main. They're also among the most sought-after bedroom or bathroom door lock varieties.

4. Deadbolts

Deadbolts are typically a way to add security in combination with door knots for greater security. In general, they are used together with doorknobs in many offices and homes. A single or double design hardware and cylinder are utilized to secure the operation of locks. This aids in reducing the chances of unauthorized persons entering the.

5. Mortise Rim Or Lock

Rim, also known as mortise lock, is the most sought-after lock for commercial doors with huge openings, or glass doors that are in extravagant designs. Rim locks are affixed to the door and look like a huge piece of metal that extends beyond. Box locks are typically placed inside the rim and then a mortise is added on the sides. The mortise locks are extremely durable and lock the door securely. These locks are great to secure commercial door locks.


6. Locks With Latch

The locks for latches can be typical locks that are often found in the exterior of a Door Repair Mississauga. When the key is inserted into the cylinder, the internal components move to engage the bolt or latch within the door. The latch is moved between the frame of the door (box) in order to unlock and lock it. The most common systems use spring bolts or deadbolts which was discussed previously.

7. The Smart Lock Also Known As Digital Lock

Digital locks, also called smart locks, are frequently misunderstood and misunderstood by those who use them. The evolution of the locks is the result of the latest technological advancement that doesn't need any hardware or keys. They work by using electricity or current and are only opened with fingerprints or pin numbers. It is crucial to never miss the code required to gain entry to the door and to be alert that you have entered the wrong code frequently. It's ideal for people who prefer ease of entry.

8. Cam Lock

The cam locks, as their name suggests, should not be confused with any other similar camera locks. They're named for their appearance. Cam locks can be used in mailboxes, lockers, cabinets and storage units, deposit boxes, and others. Cam locks are simple to put in. All you need is an ignition switch to switch on a cam that is rotated to lock or unlock it. They can be found in tube or flat shapes and are very easy to use.